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It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts. 

~ Adlai Stevenson



Caroline - 17

Throughout my senior year cross country season, I developed an awful amount of pain near my shin and ankle. Foolishly, I tried my best to ignore the pain and wait for it to pass, but as you can expect, the pain only got worse. Weeks passed by and it was now just three days before my state cross country meet.


The pain led me to believe that there was no way that I would be able to run well during the race, but that's when my coach recommended that I go to Untapped.


The next day, I met Danielle Cardinale and had the immediate reaction that Untapped is not like any other physical therapy facility I had ever gone to before. Danielle is thorough, dedicated, and individualized my visit to fit my unique situation. She viewed my pain holistically, taking into account how I run, the shoes I wear, and any previous pain I have had before. Using a combination of dry needling, muscle scraping, and athletic tape, the pain in my lower leg significantly improved after just one visit to Untapped. I was thrilled to say the least!


That Saturday, I ran my best race of the season, dropping nearly 50 seconds off my previous 5k personal record, and though some may see that as a mere coincidence, I feel confident in saying that without my treatment at Untapped, I would not have raced as well as I did.

Mary H - 73

Danielle Cardinale has been a great motivational source for my physical therapy needs.  At age 73 I had developed severe back and leg pain resulting from inactivity due to illness.  She designed a personal program suited to my abilities and needs. She listened to my goals of gaining strength and stability.  Her personal attention to each patient's needs is far and away better than any other physical therapy treatment I have ever received.  Danielle has treated my husband as well as other family members. If one continues the path designed by Danielle, strength and confidence lie ahead for you.

Doug - 55

I am a life long runner that has develop many aches and pains. I have used several PT's, chiropractors and medical doctors.  I was introduced to Danielle a little over 3 years ago and she has been amazing for my recovery my athletic medical issues. Recently, she has been working with me through two knee surgeries, helping me to reuse the leg muscles and get me ready to get back to my active life.  I am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of athletic injuries. She is always working to stay on top of the latest P.T. techniques. I'm very pleased with my experience with Danielle.

Terrance S.


I have been trying to get back to performing at a high level. Injuries have had other plans and I am thankful to work with Danielle on getting me back to where I want to be and pain free. I have worked with many PTs over the course of my athletic life and none have had the knowledge of how the body works like her. She not only helps me feel better but coaches me on how to prevent future injuries moving forward. This past January an achilles issue made me believe my athletic life was over. Since starting with Danielle in February, I have not only managed that injury but improved my running in the process. There is no one better and I recommend anyone looking for a great PT to give her a visit.

Trevor Blondeel - 48

In 2017, lower back pain continued to cause setbacks to my dedicated work out routine in the mornings, which continued to bother me during the day.  It would come and go for over 10 years, always being diligent to work on core exercises to keep things tight, yet never figuring out the right formula.

When Danielle started treating me, we worked through a series of exercises, trying to pinpoint what was triggering the pain to come and go.  Eventually we found the right combination of exercises to strengthen that area. Well it is now two years later, and I have not had any real setbacks in that area!


What I would recommend, is that if you are willing to put in the work, and be consistent in your therapy, Danielle will find a way to help you.  If she can’t, she will find someone with the right skill set if it is out of her scope.


I trust and respect Danielle, she is the first person I turn to with overall questions on my health.  You hear about people finding a mechanic they trust to do maintenance on their car. You only get one body, and I am grateful to have found that someone, who I  recommend to you!

Bobbi - 15

I first started working with Danielle, a year ago for back pain I experienced when I’d play golf. The pain took me out of my freshman year golf season, and I knew that being a year behind everyone else would set me back tremendously. Even though Danielle had never played golf, and wasn’t complete familiar with the sport, she still made her number 1 priority to learn more about the sport and figure out how my pain could be triggered, how to stop it, and how to prevent it from happening ever again. We worked for about 3-4 months in PT where she would always be extremely kind, and sympathetic for my situation, while also making sure I got the most out of every 1 hour session. I was able to get back on the course pain free. I’m now a Sophomore, and have finally been able to play with my team, shoot better scores, and most importantly, play pain free! 

Matt Hall - 43

Danielle is an amazing PT, her care goes above and beyond any other PT I have worked with in the past. I am a former Ironman, Marathoner etc. and my injuries stacked up against me. Working with the Danielle I went from not being able to run a quarter of a mile and giving up hope to signing back up for a half marathon. I give all the credit to Danielle and her listening to my areas of concern. She took my problem areas and with her knowledge found the issues that created my injuries.  She truly cares about the patient and wants the best for that person, I cant say enough great things about her. She is my PT for life!!

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