You only live once,

but if you do it right, once is enough. 

~ Joe Lewis




  • Untapped refers to your Untapped Health and Performance Potential.  Yes, you may have been to a doctor or physical therapist before, or worked with a personal trainer, …but you are still on your journey to the best active life.  That untapped opportunity is accessible with hard work and the right team support.


  • After working for multiple large organizations in the Louisville area, Danielle Cardinale PT, DPT grew to appreciate a small clinic and personal approach to treatment, as did her clients.  She found challenges in delivering a well-rounded personal and exceptional patient experience at other facilities which drove Danielle to look at alternatives for delivering quality care in a positive environment.  Danielle founded Untapped out of a long-standing dream to impact lives in a positive way.  





Individualized Treatment 

Untapped is committed to individualized treatment for personal outcomes in a one-on-one treatment setting.  Whether your goal is to rise from chair without pain or run your 3rd marathon this year, Danielle Cardinale PT, DPT is excited to guide your process and join in celebrating your achievements.  EVERY treatment session will include full time with your physical therapist, Danielle, NOT any tech or assistant.



The best outcomes are personal results that relate to the activities and function that drive your joy.  Danielle is looking forward to getting to know you, your previous struggles, success, and your goals.  


The Difference

  • Collaboration with medical providers who are committed to the same purpose of improving the patient/client function and quality of life

  • Quality care that is evidence –based and patient specific

  • Comfortable environment with private treatment rooms

  • Committed to identifying the problem and not just treating the symptoms for the short-term

  • Discovering lifestyle patterns that may be contributing to dysfunction

  • Evaluating conditions and movement in relation to the entire body and not as a solo and unattached joint or structure

Postural Restoration 



  • Untapped PLLC is currently the ONLY Postural Restoration Center in the state of Kentucky

  • As a certified Postural Restoration Center, Untapped is in good standing with the Postural Restoration Institute and physical therapist provider,

  • Danielle Cardinale PT, DPT, PRC holds an active certification in Postural Restoration.

  • Postural Restoration Institute Concepts, Evaluation and Treatment strategies are utilized regularly and Danielle Cardinale PT, DPT, PRC continues her education with PRI 

  • Want to learn more about Postural Restoration?  Check it out by clicking the button here: