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The only Postural Restoration Center & Certified PRI Practitioner in the State of Kentucky

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Driven by a background in martial arts, college Rugby, weight lifting, and Figure competitions, Danielle has always valued an active lifestyle and overcoming obstacles.  She has always had a passion for getting to know people and improving their lives.  She is grateful to have the opportunity to change lives through her services as a physical therapist.  She earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Sacred Heart University, and her career has been focused on orthopedics and sports medicine, as well as additional focus on acute and chronic neck, back and SIJ pain.  

Over the years, Danielle has been recognized as a diagnostician.  She is committed to discovering and treating the source of your problem and enjoys what she calls the “Sherlock Holmes” part of her job.  Danielle’s approach to treatment is driven by individual goals while utilizing evidence-based practices.  She also regularly seeks out progressive treatment and different lenses for evaluating conditions to offer a fresh perspective to her patients. 

In addition to traditional manual and non-manual Physical Therapy techniques, Danielle earned her certification from the Postural Restoration Institute in 2020.  She is also certified in Integrative Dry Needling.


A revolutionary approach to Physical Therapy that

 recognizes the role of the nervous system, the asymmetries of our body, and how the systems and areas of our body influence each other.  


As a certified Postural Restoration Center, Untapped is in good standing with the Postural Restoration Institute and physical therapist provider,


Danielle Phillips PT, DPT, PRC (previously known as Danielle Cardinale) holds an active certification in Postural Restoration.


Postural Restoration Institute Concepts, Evaluation and Treatment strategies are utilized regularly and Danielle Phillips PT, DPT, PRC continues her education with PRI 

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